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About KWoC

Organised by IIT KharagpurKWoC was an entire month of coding in an open sourcce platform where the interested students were allowed to first select the projects that they wanted to work with and then after providing their respective Github details.

The participants then followed the timeline provided and worked accordingly.

Choosing the Project

Among the numerous choices available there I searched for the ones which I was comfortable with and that was Android based projects. Being an Android developer I was always interested in working with more and more projects  in Android in order to add to my experience. Finally out of the 8 projects available on Android i selected this one “Voice Calculator“. This project was being mentored by Mayank Jindal

Getting Involved in the Repository

Initially I had a wrong view of how to proceed with the project. So I started making my own voice calculator but then I sent a mail to Mayank inquiring about the procedure and my mail was soon replied from him with the necessary guidelines. Then I forked the repository to my Github and started working on an Issue after acquiring the approval from my mentor.

Issue Worked on

Discussion for design of main screen #19 (See issue on Github)

This issue was regarding improvising the layout of the main screen that the user would see and interact with. It needed to be both user-friendly and attractive. I started working on my forked repository and then after a few days I submitted my pull request with the changes made.

Submission of the Pull Request

style: Main screen layout modified #44 (See Pull Request on Github)

This pull request was initially submitted with 2 commits, hence it was violating the pull request guidelines as mentioned by Mayank. Then I squashed the  2 commits into one and then submitted the modified pull request. Then I sent a mail to Mayank about the modification in the pull request and asked him to review the request and let me know if any changes need to be done. After sometime the pull request was successfully merged with the master branch and I managed to add myself in the contributors list.

Seeing off

I solely want to thank Mayank Jindal for answering my questions and helping me out to effectively participate in the KWoC. He made sure that the flow of the project never stopped by reviewing each pull request thoroughly before merging it to the main branch.

It was a great experience to take part in KWoCThanks to IIT Kharagpur for organizing such an event. I sincerely hope to be a part of more and more such programs. This not only increases my exposure to the programming world but also improvises my learning experience.